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Care Val·i·date

To check or prove the validity or accuracy of the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone. 

CareValidate is a care validation company and the creator of SafeLight, the life-saving light bulb for seniors. Backed by VC funding, CareValidate is the first company ever to bring care validation to the seniorcare market.  

Since founding CareValidate in 2018, our team has been committed to improving the safety and security of older adults, living at home or in seniorcare institutions anywhere in the world, and delivering peace of mind to their children.


We have built CareValidate for our own parents and grandparents - and for yours. 

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4575 Webb Bridge Road

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Phone: 678-661-9377

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We are Doers, the most determined group of folks you'd ever meet 

Open Positions

Head of Platform and Cloud Development

The Head of Platform and Cloud Development leads all aspects of SafeLight’s cloud architecture and development for SafeLight's IoT platform. This position plays a key role in helping CareValidate become the world’s most popular senior safety, health and care monitoring platform. The ideal candidate will be a strong technical leader with experience developing and scaling cloud platforms, has the ability to collaborate well with the hardware team and a product-led CEO, and has a proven history of building and managing engineering teams.This is initially a hands on position.


  • Lead the definition and delivery of services and tools that enable developers to build SafeLight powered applications. 

  • Lead analysis, architecture, design, and development of data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. 

  • Enhance machine learning capabilities and AI based analytics. 

  • Drive the coordination and clear communication of a multi-product roadmap, working across multiple groups to define fast-paced schedules. 

  • Create ways for third parties to integrate with our platform. 

  • Create a robust documentation program.


  • ​Proven experience implementing serverless architecture and distributed systems. 

  • Domain expertise with data acquisition, data science, machine learning, algorithms, IoT, edge computing, and security. 

  • Experience implementing big data architecture in DevOps - Continuous -Integration\Continuous Delivery (CI\CD) Mindset. 

  • Strong API development with Java, Spring, and Azure tools.

Contact Us

Want to get in touch? 

4575 Webb Bridge Road

Alpharetta, GA 30005

Phone: 678-661-9377

Email: info@carevalidate.com


Health and Safety Monitoring 

for Seniors



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