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We Create SuperCareGivers

We exist to serve those caring for older adults. Our mission is to help busy families and care professionals be there for their loved ones in a meaningful way.

Since founding CareValidate in 2018, our team has been committed to improving the safety and security of older adults, living at home or in seniorcare institutions anywhere in the world, and delivering peace of mind to their caregivers.


We have built CareValidate for our own parents and grandparents - and for yours. 

Leadership and Board









Care Grounded in Real Science


In 2005, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  conducted a national nursing home staff time measurement study, the Staff Time and Resource Intensity Verification (STRIVE) Project to establish a payment system geared towards a high Quality of Care. Due to the use of now outdated tech, the project had multiple limitations.  


In 2017, the CareValidate team comprising of domain experts in artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, medicine and digital health conducted a modernized version of the same study. The CareValidate team overcame the limitations of STRIVE with the use of SafeLights to quantitatively measure the Quality of Care for Seniors.   

Open Positions

Front-End Engineer

You will be an early employee at a venture-funded startup, so we need a true team player to help us deliver useful solutions that help create SuperCaregivers. You will be responsible for engineering the mobile-first user experience with an Android and IoS tech stack. Working closely with the hardware and backend developer teams, you will be making critical decisions on how the product takes shape.


Help us solve real problems for those taking care of older adults.


Compensation: Salary + Equity. Increases in salary with each subsequent round of funding.



• Android and/or iOS development 

• Experience with FireBase backend stack

• Javascript, Node.js, Typescript/Flow

• Working closely with backend teams to manage data structures for efficient performance

• An understanding of software development best practices

• Ability to create and maintain continuous integration and delivery of IoS and Android apps


Other Requirements/Preferences:

• Bachelor or master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field preferred

• Preferably 3+ years of experience in the software industry (will consider less experience)

• Authorization to work in the USA

• Remote work A-OK


We are committed to an inclusive and diverse work environment. CareValidate is an equal opportunity employer.

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