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Fraud, Waste & Abuse Prevention
SafeLight technology automatically validates the level of care in senior living before claims are paid, 
to prevent fraud, waste and abuse

Save Millions in Fraudulent Claims

Not only does senior living fraud increase payer costs, it increases the risk of

adverse events and potential harm to beneficiaries. 


Prevent Assault, Abuse & Neglect

A significant percentage of senior assault, abuse and neglect 

incidents are not reported to law enforcement and appropriate 

state agencies.


Investigative Recoveries > $1 Billion

Criminal Actions

Actions against Individuals or Entities = 424


Civil Actions

Actions against Individuals or Entities = 349
     2018 Fraud, Waste & Abuse Statistics    
Exclusion of Individuals or Entities = 1,588

Incident Type

91% of diagnostic codes in an OIG report were related to sexual abuse

Survey Results

Abuse related survey 
deficiencies went up by 15% between 2016-2017

Incident Rate

25% of convictions in 2017 were for resident abuse or neglect
Reg 1150B Reporting  
SafeLight Electronic Care Verification
Monitor Quality of Care, in real time  


Policyholders simply screw in SafeLight light bulbs into existing light sockets in resident rooms 

Mobile App & Dashboards

If quality of care falls below a certain point, the app will send a notification to both the beneficiary family and the payer with the ability to communicate in real time.  

Actionable Data

Use data analytics to proactively reduce fraud, waste and abuse for your senior living beneficiaries 

Your Brand

Increase NPS, retention and brand affinity by putting 

your brand in front of your beneficiaries 1-2 times / month

Turn Key Deployment

Give your Investigations Unit the Tools to Maximize Results

Easy to implement

guaranteed rapid implementation

We handle all fulfilment

shipping sensors directly to beneficiaries

Fully managed customer journey

customized to fit your workflow

Validated best practices

to optimize sensor adoption with beneficiaries

Smart Technology Your Beneficiaries Will Love
Monitor Quality of Care, in real time  


Activity Recognition

Apps & Dashboards

Talk with our team to learn more today!

Health and Safety Monitoring 

for Seniors





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