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Telematics for Insurance

Transforming life, health, senior living and long term care insurance with a full service telematics platform to support  Aging-in-Place

Save Millions in Claims Every Year

Claims in the US exceed $10B per year and are growing rapidly. Insurance companies that deploy the CareValidate Telematics can expect to cut their annual claim cost, saving millions each year. 

“SafeLight's genius lies in its simplicity. In my experience in elder care I have never seen such an easy-to-use product with the power to do so much good for seniors and their caregivers." 

- Julie M. Bordo, President, PCH Mutual Insurance Company 
Empower caregivers to support Aging-in-Place


Policyholders simply screw in SafeLight light bulb into existing light sockets.

Mobile App & Dashboards

If quality of care or health trends change significantly, family and professional caregivers will be notified and supplied with context aware caregiving content to deliver timely interventions.  

Actionable Data

Use data analytics to proactively contact your policyholder, inform underwriting decisions and assess policyholder risk. 

Turn Key Deployment

No IT resources or big budget required, CareValidate takes care of it all! 

Easy to implement

guaranteed rapid implementation

We handle all fulfilment

shipping sensors directly to policyholders

Fully managed customer journey

customized to fit your business model

Validated best practices

to optimize sensor adoption with policyholders

Smart Technology Your Policyholders Will Love
Support Aging in Place with Long Term Care Telematics 


Telematics Platform

Apps & API's

On-the-Job Coaching for Caregivers
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