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Full Stack Javascript Developer

CareValidate (CV) is an Atlanta-based 100% remote work company that is a leader in HR technology and innovation for health and safety. We launch new products and innovations into the digital health market every year. As a company we are profitable, majority founder controlled, and well capitalized, with backing from American Enterprise Ventures providing us with the independence and ability to dream big. We love what we do and love to get it done. So if you want to work hard and grow with the best of the best, come join the CV team!


CV is always building a world-class team. As a Full Stack Javascript Developer, you’ll start on our CareGLP telemedicine product as well as our storefronts. You'll beautify and streamline the patient medical weight loss experience, and control our implementation and support costs with automation. This includes advertising funnel conversion optimization, appointment scheduling, order placement, and followup, such that staying with CareGLP becomes effortless; we want patients to think of us as helping them live their best lives. We want storefront owners to be amazed at the speed and simplicity of our integrations and impressed by our financial and patient health visualizations and reports. We will meet people where they are, whether it be business owners in Slack or What's App, or patients on SMS, Email, or Calendly.


  • Strong at written and verbal communication in cooperation with your team
  • Self-motivated; doesn't require close supervision or help solving problems
  • Accepts changes in direction well
  • Iterates very quickly for feedback
  • No task is beneath you, but you use company time efficiently by default
  • Delivers excellent user experience, including speed, beauty, and error free operation
  • Experience with at least one of the following client technologies: React Native, React, or Vue
  • Experience with server or serverless Node

Key Performance Indicators

  • Predictability target: The actual delivery date of your code is no more than ±20% in error from your initial self-estimated date
  • Throughput target: You are completing work at a reasonable pace in comparison with your teammates

Extra consideration will be given to candidates with the following nice to have qualifications

  • Experience using computers to accomplish tasks in the physical world
  • Non-garbage-collected languages
  • Metaprogramming languages and sublanguages, templates, or generics
  • Continuous integration and delivery experience
  • Diverse knowledge of Internet application documentation, standards, and protocols
  • Training or experience in computer science or other science, technology, engineering or math: the more the better

What we use presently

The main client is Quasar Vue 3. Other apps are React and Next.js. The main server is App Engine and Firebase Functions running Node, Apollo, Prisma and SQL, all on GCP. Other servers are Kubernetes, Firebase Functions, plain Express, etc.  We have used React Native Expo in one project and would like to also use Expo Server app routes.

How to apply

Email with:

  • Résumé and any hard salary requirements
  • Highlights from your experience relevant to the role
Full Time
Remote (Global)