The New Insurance Process
We created an entirely new insurance process built for the modern senior living operator. 
CareDNA Program

1. GET Care DNA

High-tech does not have to be difficult or complicated. After you contact us, we will ship you a box of SafeSense devices for your senior living facility. Each SafeSense device is battery operated and works out-of-the-box. Simply place a SafeSense device in each resident room and you are all set.   

2. Start Saving

After two-weeks of SafeSense use, we will send you a confidential CareDNA report. Your report will have quantitative data on your institution's senior living liability risk as well as highly targeted risk management intervention suggestions to mitigate specific risk factors. After your approval, we will use the CareDNA report to generate a Smart Insurance Quote that is highly personalized for your facility.    

Get your senior living facility's CareDNA Report today

Continuous Quality of Care Monitoring 

for Senior Living Institutions



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