A woman in a vegetative state for years gives birth. Was this preventable?

A widely covered story by NBC, ABC, CNN, and Fox News among others, has reported a woman was sexually assaulted while in a vegetative state in a Hacienda Healthcare facility. This sexual assault resulted in the birth of a baby boy. While a woman in vegetative state giving birth is certainly a cause for discussion, unfortunately the sexual nature of the assault is all too common in Senior Skilled Nursing Facilities. SafeLight, by CareValidate can prevent these issues from occurring, and when they do, provide non-subjective data on what took place.

OIG reports 1 in 10 seniors will experience assault. Moreover, 91% of the time the assault is sexual in nature. According to the Nursing Home Abuse Center “the sexual abuse of elders is poorly understood and under-researched. Elderly victims of sexual abuse often have medical problems that result in difficulties communicating, confusion, or memory loss – all of which interfere with the ability of the elder to report the abuse. Belonging to an older generation often stops victims from reporting abuse altogether. They may feel ashamed, angry, anxious or scared”.

Former best practices suggest it is important to know the people caring for your loved one. However, that rarely solves the problem altogether. While we agree being engaged mitigates your loved one or resident’s risk of assault - we also know our cognitive abilities change as we age. The way we remember or process information often changes, giving the authorities little certainty to work with in some cases. Since a significant percentage of senior assault, abuse and neglect incident are not reported. SafeLight automates regulation 1150b reporting to government agencies for review, in real time.

SafeLight, by CareValidate will protect our vulnerable population by identifying anomalies in daily routines such as visitors at odd times of the day and deliver actionable insights through real-time alerts, web-based dashboards and self-serve reports on what is actually happening in the residents room. In this current climate there is no better way than SafeLight to protect your loved ones, business, and staff.


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