Care Pro Tips: How to Make an Occupied Bed

1. Gather supplies

2. Introduce self to resident; greet resident by name

3. Explain the procedure to the resident prior to beginning

4. Maintain resident away from edge of bed at all times

5. Wash hands and apply clean gloves

6. Remove and replace bottom sheet on one side of bed

7. Turn resident to remove and replace sheet on other side of bed

8. Resident is never in direct contact with mattress

9. Secure bottom sheet to mattress

10. Smooth any wrinkles or folds from bottom sheet

11. Sheets are removed without creating friction/shearing risk

12. Replace clean top sheet and place on resident

13. Tuck top sheet loosely under foot of mattress unless requested not to

14. Top sheet is loose enough to avoid pressure against toes and allows for foot movement

15. Keep pillow positioned under resident’s head except when replacing pillow cover

16. Complete procedure with resident positioned between the top and bottom sheet

17. Place soiled linen in hamper

18. Remove gloves and wash hands

19. Leave assist devices within reach of resident

20. Leave call light within reach of resident

21. Use Standard Precautions and infection control measures when providing care

22. Ask resident about comfort and/or additional needs prior to leaving

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