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CareValidate apps help HR Teams keep employees healthy, safe and inspired.

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Employee Care Apps

Employee Credentialing

Integrate credentialing into the fabric of your organization to confidently achieve your compliance goals. 

ADA Accommodations

Care360 makes it easy for your managers to collect, verify, and manage health disclosures and employee accommodation requests.

Mental Health App

CareValidate offers digital mental health services for your entire workforce. Expert guided therapy, wellness products, and access to internal company resources all from the privacy of a smartphone.

COVID-19 Preparedness

CareValidate protects enterprises from biological threats through a best-in-class infectious disease surveillance platform.

At-Home Diagnostics

CareValidate provides employees with health insights and personalized care from wherever they call home.

HR App Builder

CareValidates mobile app developer work building custom-built software tailored to mesh with existing employee workflows with the flexibility to be modified as business needs change over time.

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In addition to world-class software we also provide integrated
At-Home Test Kits and Test Validation services

Order Care360 Enabled COVID-19 Test KitsSchedule Test Validation Session

Antigen, Molecular or PCR Tests

We can also trade-in your existing inventory of tests

Virtual Proctoring

Verified, Guided, Validated and Reported At-Home Testing

Employees Love Our Employee Care Apps

From HR professionals to entire movie production teams, take care of people with Care360

Telecommunications Employee

I used the Care360 iPhone app to submit the documents needed for supplemental paid leave and it just worked without any problems. The whole experience was frictionless and my leave was approved quickly.

Financial Technology Employee

The app generates the passport when I have to go into the office. I just show that and walk right in. The process to generate the passport takes hardly any time.

Retail Employee

When I returned from leave the Care360 app made it really easy to catch up at work. I just looked at the News section of the app and was able to access everything I had missed when I was on leave. 

Real Estate Employee

The training modules in the app are easy. Every time a new training module shows up I get a notification. I log in with my company email and finish all the trainings on my phone.

Clinical Practice Manager

Using the Care360 app has really benefited me and my team to stay connected as different notices come from corporate. We get notified instantly and update the lead members of my team or different teams that work at different locations.

Movie Production Manager

With the Care360  dashboard we have finally a one stop solution to ensure we have easy access to keep track of who is on the team, who is available and what tasks they have completed. We can also order all the supplies needed to stay compliant right from the marketplace in the dashboard.

“The CareValidate app and website have worked very smoothly for us in making sure our team stays safe. I appreciate how attentive and willing the CareValidate Team is in making everything as customizable as we could want.”

BJ Grip - Studio Manager

“Care360 took the time intensive manual work out of tracking healthcare employee exposures, their symptoms, and test results for 9 facilities.  The company has taken time to listen to my feedback over the past 12 months and implemented everything I’ve asked for. ”

Marianne Ketterhagen - Director of HR

“With Care360 we have eliminated paper to ramp up onboarding from weeks to hours. We just send one email with the app ability to scan a QR code for mobile access, allowing all onboarding materials to be given without email or password. We can securely store the important documents and access them anytime, anywhere.”

Jessica - Utilities Industry Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the pandemic has your business paralyzed, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know about Employee Screening, Testing, Tracing and Vaccination.

What is Care360?
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Care360 is a workplace population health & safety platform from CareValidate. It is based on the science of viral load dynamics and is proven to mitigate viral transmission by reducing the time between infection, sample collection, test results and exposure notifications for quarantine or isolation.

What are the four modules of Care360?
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Care360 provides employers with the four pillars of population health and safety proven to reduce transmission in the workplace: Vaccine Tracking, Employee Screening, COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing.

Can I go-live with just one of the modules?
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Yes. Employers can pick and choose from any of the four modules.

Do you provide COVID-19 Test Kits?
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Care360 is integrated with over 25 diagnostic testing providers in the US. Employers can buy RT-PCR, RT-LAMP and Rapid Antigen Tests directly from CareValidate.

Does Care360 have vaccine tracking?
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Yes. With Care360 employers can request employees to upload vaccine proof or request vaccine exemptions. The uploaded proof is validated by CareValidate. The CareValidate vaccine committee handles all documentation for medical and religious exemption requests.

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