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Life-saving Light Bulb for Seniors
Simple health monitoring, emergency response and care validation for caregivers

Wirelessly track sleep duration and quality to prevent falls and catch medication errors



Activities of Daily Living


Get insights into activities of daily living for early detection  

Fall preventative and emergency lighting with inbuilt battery

Enjoy peace of mind with light, sound, text and email alerts designed for caregivers 

SafeLight Pro

Caregiver Alerts

Voice Recognition

Quality of Care

Simply ask SafeLights for help with your voice 

Validate care to reduce preventable adverse events

“I was tired of having to charge my pendant night after night so I switched to SafeLight light bulbs around the house. I am never going back." 

- Deborah Tucker, SafeLight User
Caregiving Grounded in Real Science 


In 2005, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services  conducted a national nursing home staff time measurement study, the Staff Time and Resource Intensity Verification (STRIVE) Project to establish a payment system geared towards a high Quality of Care. Due to the use of now outdated tech, the project had multiple limitations.  


In 2017, the CareValidate team comprising of domain experts in artificial intelligence, Internet-of-Things, medicine and digital health conducted a modernized version of the same study. The CareValidate team overcame the limitations of STRIVE with the use of SafeLights to quantitatively measure the Quality of Care for Seniors.   

On-the-Job Coaching for Caregivers
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