Turnkey Solution for COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS

Simplify employee vaccine management, order COVID-19 tests and meet new workplace expectations with a 360 solution.

We provide accurate and reliable COVID-19 Test Kits

Make Care360 your testing partner.
Choose a testing protocol that fits your needs, no matter the size of your team or event.

Rapid Antigen Tests

Results in 15 Minutes

Pooled PCR

Shipping Included - 24 Hour Turnaround Time


Nasopharyngeal or Saliva - Shipping Included - 24 Hour Turnaround


EMT’s, RN’s, Medics, Physicians and COVID-19 Compliance Officers

All Four Pillars of Pandemic Response

The Care360 workplace population health and safety platform operationalizes the 4 major requirements from the CDC for reopening during a pandemic. Our secure and holistic suite of offerings prepare your workplace or event in real-time and updates as the guidelines change. All 4 requirements below are part of a multipronged approach to contain the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory pathogens.

Care360 Surveillance Dashboard

To break the chain of transmission and implement continuous infectious disease surveillance take a 360 approach to keeping your team and event safe with the Care360 Surveillance Dashboard

Care360 dashboard provides Screening-Testing-Tracing-Vaccination analytics in one place
All infectious agents have a window of opportunity during which transmission can be halted effectively.

It’s challenging to reopen offices and implement a sound workplace protection plan. Care360 enterprise customers appreciate it's simplicity: 

“Care360 has all Back-to-Work product and service needs covered. We can order all types of tests and if there is ever a positive result Care360 simply gives us a list of exposures and notifies those exposed.”

Care360 Vaccine Tracking

The Care360 vaccine tracking module includes vaccine proof verification and vaccine exemption request determination for medical and religious exemptions

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the pandemic has your business paralyzed, do not worry - we are here to explain everything you might want to know about Employee Screening, Testing, Tracing and Vaccination.

What is Care360?

Care360 is a workplace population health & safety platform from CareValidate. It is based on the science of viral load dynamics and is proven to mitigate viral transmission by reducing the time between infection, sample collection, test results and exposure notifications for quarantine or isolation.

What are the four modules of Care360?

Care360 provides employers with the four pillars of population health and safety proven to reduce transmission in the workplace: Vaccine Tracking, Employee Screening, COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing.

Can I go-live with just one of the modules?

Yes. Employers can pick and choose from any of the four modules.

Do you provide COVID-19 Test Kits?

Care360 is integrated with over 25 diagnostic testing providers in the US. Employers can buy RT-PCR, RT-LAMP and Rapid Antigen Tests directly from CareValidate.

Does Care360 have vaccine tracking?

Yes. With Care360 employers can request employees to upload vaccine proof or request vaccine exemptions. The uploaded proof is validated by CareValidate. The CareValidate vaccine committee handles all documentation for medical and religious exemption requests.

How long does it take to implement Care360 Vaccination Tracking and COVID-19 Testing for the unvaccinated?

After receiving a purchase order, CareValidate team configures Care360 to go live in 1 week.