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CareValidate's ADA & Leaves case management platform AccommoCare provides a comprehensive solution to automate, simplify and manage the employee accommodation request process at scale.

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ADA Accommodations

AccommoCare makes it easy for your managers to collect, verify, and manage health disclosures and employee accommodation requests.

Employee Credentialing

Integrate credentialing into the fabric of your organization to confidently achieve your compliance goals. CredentialCare is here to assist you.

Mental Health App

CareValidate offers digital mental health services for your entire workforce. CareWise offers expert guided therapy, wellness products, and access to internal company resources all from a smartphone.

COVID-19 Preparedness

PandemicCare protects enterprises from biological threats through a best-in-class infectious disease surveillance platform.


The leading obesity virtual care platform to deliver GLP-1 clinical care at scale.

DOT Oral Fluid Testing

Affordable DOT Compliant Drug Testing and Training
- simplify and automate the entire oral fluid testing process, reducing manual effort and paperwork.

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"The AccommoCare platform made my life so much easier by streamlining my employees ADA and job accommodation requests."
Michelle — HR Executive
"The Care360 app generates the passport when I have to go into the office. I just show that and walk right in. The process to generate the passport takes hardly any time."
David — Financial Technology Employee
"I found using the AccommoCare platform it was extremely easy to request my accommodation. Plus, I knew where the request was at each step of the way!"
Kevin — Retail Employee

Simplify the ADA & Job accommodations process for your HR Teams

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