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Employee Credentialing

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Integrate credentialing into the fabric of your organization to confidently achieve your compliance goals.
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Why CredentialCare?

Employers today face a significant challenge in managing and protecting confidential employee information. With the increasing regulations surrounding data privacy, employers are at risk of non-compliance and reputational damage if they mishandle sensitive information. The problem is compounded by the growing number of ways in which employee data is being stored and shared, making it difficult to ensure confidential information is always kept secure.

  • Growing concern for data privacy regulations
  • Risk of non-compliance and reputational damage
  • Increased difficulty in protecting confidential employee information
  • Growing number of ways in which employee data is stored and shared.

The Risk is REAL

Anthem Inc.

In 2015, Anthem Inc. was fined $16 million by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) for a data breach that exposed the personal information of 80 million customers, including that of current and former employees.

Wyndham Worldwide Corp.

In 2012, Wyndham Worldwide Corp. was fined $10 million by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for a data breach that exposed the personal information of over 619,000 employees and customers.

Home Depot

In 2014, Home Depot agreed to pay $27.25 million to settle a class-action lawsuit related to a 2014 data breach that exposed the personal information of around 56 million customers, including that of many of their employees.

Features and Benefits

Request, Upload and Send Documents

DocuLocker’s simple employee interface allows employees to upload and send confidential documents through a secure platform, ensuring that their information is being handled properly.

Business Process Automation

DocuLocker enables HR administrators to build employee risk profiles that determine exactly which documents need to be collected from each employee ensuring that the right documents are gathered for each individual

Automated Communications

Automated notifications are a key feature of DocuLocker covering a variety of different needs to ensure employees have submitted all their required documentation and that their information is current and in alignment with business policies and procedures.

Administrator Dashboard

No more Excel spreadsheets and sifting through emails to try and track employee status. Doculocker’s administrator dashboard allows HR administrators to easily see their employees’ status at a glance, making sure their team is compliant with business policies.

Employee Credentialing

Keep staff in compliance with alert notifications before any expiration deadlines.
We are Compliant with HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR, and CCPA so your people can be secure.
A tailored view for HR leaders and managers to only see their direct reports.
Securely store important documents and access them anytime, anywhere.
Send pre-populated forms for employees to electronically fill anytime.
Easily service a group of employees based on a specific work location or work group.