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Utilize AccommoCare’s best-in-class functionality to better assist and support your employee’s leave of absence!

Complexities of a leave

Employee leaves of absence changed dramatically when the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was signed into law on February 5, 1993. The FMLA requires employers to grant leaves to eligible employees for up to 12 weeks (26 weeks in some circumstances) and to protect the employee's job and continued health benefits during that leave.

This chart is an example of a woman going on maternity leave for seven weeks and, after having her baby, would like to take protected leave for as long as she can under FMLA (which is 12 weeks in total. It shows the complexity of figuring out the laws. coverage, benefits, and tracking the leave, particularly when the employee is in a state with additional leave benefits.

Manage of all your FMLA requests in one platform, streamline communication, documents, and leverage our advanced workflows for HR

  • Track hours and missed-leave
  • Determine Eligibility for FMLA with advanced rules based system
  • Effortlessly balance management of leave hours
  • Automate document collection
  • Return to Work certification

Manager Dashboard

View Open, Closed, Pending and Urgent cases at a glance. Store files securely, compliantly chat with employees and teammates and digitally adhere attachments to specific cases with ease.

**graphic is only an example
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