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CareGLP offers a holistic wellness package, aiding in weight management, mitigating health risks, and providing tools to navigate stress and anxiety.

Branded GLP-1 Access
  • GLP-1 Eligibility Questionnaire
  • Branded GLP-1s for eligible employees, including Ozempic(R), Wegovy(R), Trulicity(R) and many more!
  • Nutritional counseling from a registered dietitian specialized in GLP-1s
  • Exercise counseling
  • GLP-1 employee off ramp support
Branded Preferred Access
  • GLP-1 Eligibility Questionnaire
  • Branded GLP-1s + guaranteed Compounded medication access (if needed)
  • Nutritional counseling from a registered dietitian specialized in GLP-1s
  • Exercise counseling
  • GLP-1 employee off ramp support
Compounded GLP-1 Access
  • GLP-1 Eligibility Questionnaire
  • Compounded medication access, including Semaglutide and Tirzepatide
  • Nutritional counseling from a registered dietitian specialized in GLP-1s
  • Exercise counseling
  • GLP-1 employee off ramp support

One Platform - One Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

For years our CareGLP program has helped thousands of organizations gain access to the best pricing for GLP-1 therapies. Our well-loved program is now available at the enterprise level, and it’s working to engage more employees, improve population health and lower healthcare costs.

Branded GLP-1 Therapies

With over 50 pharmacies in our CareGLP network, gaining access to branded GLP-1s like Ozempic(R), Wegovy(R), Rybelsus(R), Trulicity(R) and many others has never been easier. Now with FDA approval for weight loss, allow instant access to your employees for these ever popular weight loss medications

Compounded GLP-1 Therapies

Derived and managed from the most trusted and FDA approved manufacturers, allowing for lower cost compounded medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide allows your populations access to GLP-1s with lower entry price points. Still as effective as branded GLP-1s, these compounded GLP-1s only utilize items like Bacteriostatic water and benzyl alcohol as active ingredients and NOT Semaglutide salts (sodium/acetate). Every pharmacy GLP-1 batch is also associated with a COA certification, adhering to the highest of industry standards.

Nutritional counseling plays a pivotal role in the holistic management of individuals taking GLP-1 medications. These medications work by regulating blood sugar levels and promoting weight loss. Effective nutritional counseling ensures that patients comprehend how their dietary choices interact with the medication's mechanisms and therapeutic outcomes. By providing tailored guidance on meal planning, portion control, carbohydrate intake, and overall dietary habits, our CareGLP’s nutritional counselors empower patients to make informed choices that compliment the pharmacological effects of GLP-1 medications.

The eligibility and approval process preceding the provision of GLP-1 medication to a patient is paramount for ensuring both safety and efficacy. It also serves as a crucial safeguard, guaranteeing that GLP-1 medications provide optimal therapeutic benefits while minimizing risks to patient health. Allow CareGLP’s built-in patient intake process to streamline this process for you and your population.

Just as important as the eligibility process, our GLP-1 off-ramp support allows for a seamless transition for patients when discontinuing the use of their GLP-1 medication when their personal milestones are met. This includes access to our “Journey after GLP-1s” packet which guides your employees on proper lifestyle, nutrition and exercise choices in order to sustain their success.

Exercise counseling holds significant importance for individuals prescribed GLP-1 medications as part of their treatment regimen. Regular physical activity compliments the therapeutic effects of GLP-1 medications by improving insulin sensitivity, aiding in weight loss, and enhancing cardiovascular health. Exercise counseling offers personalized guidance on the type, duration, and intensity of physical activities suitable for each individual, considering their medical history, fitness level, and treatment goals. By empowering patients with knowledge about the benefits of exercise and practical strategies to incorporate it into their daily routine, exercise counseling facilitates adherence to a healthier lifestyle.

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"As a company rooted in science, CareValidate acknowledges and embraces cutting-edge medical research on obesity as a multifaceted, enduring condition. By integrating a thorough clinical methodology with our acclaimed behavior modification program, CareValidate has forged a route toward attainable, enduring health improvements for individuals contending with obesity and related metabolic conditions."

Dr. Jiten Chhabra, Chief Medical Officer at CareValidate