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Meet the team: Arvind Chawan

Meet the team: Arvind Chawan

Company News
March 20, 2020
Post by
Carol Cho

Arvind Chawan,  VP Operations

Returning back to business operations is a must: the severe impact of lost sales due to COVID-19.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 we’re faced with missing out on in-person connections with customers and colleagues alike. Social distancing restrictions and guideline interruptions are at an all time high causing thousands of small businesses the inability to cover their losses. Many of these businesses are faced with having to close again or stay closed seeing as they didn’t pivot their operations by adopting tools to help mitigate the virus and keep their employees safe.

Switching to remote and digital operations is not the ultimate solution to all of the loss associated with the pandemic. Many businesses such as bars, restaurants, barbers, and nail technicians rely on providing in person services that just can’t be done on the other end of a computer.

Returning to work. Mitigating and managing COVID-19 requires a holistic view and approach. It is important that individuals tasks with the reopening of an organization are knowledgeable about the concerns around returning to the workplace and are diligent at communicating and implementing recommendations to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Care360’s strategic operations is led by Arvind Chawan, an expert on sustaining performance improvements and has spent his career working with companies across Industrial Goods, Aviation/Aerospace, MedTech, and Automotive industries in executing processes to stabilize and grow.

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