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Meet the team: Jiten Chhabra

Meet the team: Jiten Chhabra

Company News
March 20, 2020
Post by
Georgia McMillan

Jiten Chhabra, COO and Chief Medical Officer

Navigating through the uncertainties associated with returning to work during a pandemic is frightening. However new  digital health tools are driving access to data, data, and more data. From screenings, testing and contact tracing we’re able to use modern tools to  ensure our safety when returning to work. Virtual technology works, but is a far cry from human interaction. With the innovation of new contact tracing technologies we don’t have to miss out on connecting with the energy of our colleagues.

Employers are in search of both ensuring the safety of the workforce while also protecting their business.  Mixed emotions are high between both the employees and the employer on how to return back to work safely. Thus, implementation of new strategies while taking extraordinary measures to adapt to the challenges associated with Covid-19 are necessary.

What we can do to support our teams, our customers, and ultimately our business:

The Care360 team is led by health experts including Dr. Chhabra. He is a physician-engineer and has been featured by CNN, NY Times, SXM Doctor Radio, Heart and Psychology Associations, and American Dietetic Association.

Dr. Chhabra helped design Care360, a secure, anonymous, science-based  back-to-work platform that helps keep you safe in the workplace in real-time. Care360’s fully anonymized program promotes transparency when addressing their symptoms and  notifies their team anonymously while staying up to date on CDC guidelines.

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