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Meet the team: John Hayde

Meet the team: John Hayde

Company News
March 20, 2020
Post by
Georgia McMillan

John Hayde,  CEO and President

We’ve worked to address privacy risks so that with contact tracing we can focus on adapting to the essentials of life and the new norms

Due to the rapid spread of the virus, technologists have worked tirelessly innovating solutions to combat the impact of challenges associated with human interactions and proximity. Contact tracing has been the main strategy in tracking the spread of the virus. As more data is contributed, we are able to get a better sense of what our numbers really are and whether or not we need to pivot our solutions to beat the current crises.

The success of these contact tracing apps is heavily reliant on the voluntary usage and the trust and willingness to report symptoms or confirmed positive results.

In the workplace, phones can be left at home, but with our badge and beacon technology — efficient and effective means for tracking employees onsite is possible. The easy to use Care360 facilitates safe social behaviors while confidently remains CDC compliant and ensures a fully anonymized product and service ready for use in the workplace, elderly care facilities, and schools.

That's why John Hayde, who created several “industry firsts” in technology and security is leading our Care360 team with his health, safety, & security expertise. He has previously held executive positions for TEKWAVE, Assa Abloy, Xircom, and Digital Communications all focused on providing safety and security to their users.

It is apparent that the safety and well-being of our communities will require compliance, willingness, and the honesty of self-reporting symptoms and positive tests. It’s possible to continue to flatten the curve if we take these necessary precautionary measures to mitigate the spread of the virus and support the reopening of our communities.

Contact us to see what you can do to help ensure your team is taking imperative measures to adapt to the new world.

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