DOT Oral Fluid Testing

Oral fluid testing made
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Affordable DOT Compliant Drug Testing and Training
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The Benefits

Improved Efficiency:

Simplify and automate the entire oral fluid testing process, reducing manual effort and paperwork.

Cost Savings

Reduce overhead costs associated with inefficient urine testing processes and manual record-keeping.

Compliance Confidence:

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and maintain accurate documentation effortlessly.

How it Works

Training & Credentialing

• Training modules for internal and external collectors
• Built-in checks for eligibility before sample collection
• Employee education guides in multiple languages

Oral Fluid Sample Capture

• Step-by-step instructions for sample collection
• Observations can be stored as images or video
• Built-in checks for date of expiration for collection devices

Accommodation Request Workflow

• Employees can request reasonable accommodations
• Guided screening questions and triage
• Valid requests are routed to organizational contact

Access & Integrations

• MRO’s, SAP’s and STT access roles are predefined
• Support for multiple LMIS integrations
• PHI is only available to specific roles

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Manager experience

Employees receive a third-party link which guides them through the entire submission process. They receive notifications from the Care360 platform to submit the necessary documentation along the way.