Preventative Pandemic Preparedness 

Protection from global infectious diseases

CareValidate protects enterprises from biological threats through a best-in-class infectious disease surveillance platform.
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Forecast Disease

Care360 provides complete visibility into infectious disease trends across all operating locations, and managers receive alert notifications to log into their dashboard if a site is about to become vulnerable to infectious disease disruptions.

Predict Risk

Care360 enables organizations to understand emerging risks in real time. With the help of signals from internal and external data sources across multiple geographies, your risk management team will have access to the most up-to-date risk scores in the world.  

Act with confidence

Protect your human capital, supply chain and reputation with actionable infectious disease insights. Care360 enables managers to communicate effectively with employees on how to operate safely during periods of high transmission.  

Work with trusted experts

CareValidate’s board of infectious disease and continuity experts advise businesses based on their individual risk profiles in the Care360 platform. Meet some of our experts here.

Care360 Infectious Disease Surveillance

Receive infectious disease alerts by location.

HIPAA, SOC2, GDPR and CCPA Compliant.

See important trends emerging before they cause disruption.

Offer the ability to select employees to participate in infectious disease surveillance.

A tailored view for HR leaders and managers to only see their direct reports.

Custom-built workflows to help you track and manage evolving threats.

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